Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Simple Future Tense (A)

Tense : Simple Future Tense (A) 未来简单式 (A)

Formula : Shall / will + verb in dictionary form (原形动词,没s、没ing、没ed
                 -I/ you/ we/ they/ he/ she/ it皆可用will,此现象已普及化。
                 -I/ we 于正式场合多用shall
                 -Ex: shall dance
                        will build

Usage :
a)  -A future plan 未来的计划
b) -Something happens in the future 未来会发生的事
c) -to offer help 说明自愿给与帮助

Examples :
a) - I will eat pizza tomorrow. 明天我将会吃批萨。
b) -If we keep cutting down trees, the animals will lose their habitats.
c) -We shall continue discussing this topic next week.
d) -I will prepare a light and tasty breakfast for you.

Keywords : -tomorrow
                    -next year
                    -next month
                    -10 years later
                    -next Wednesday

Exercise :

Put the verbs into the correct form (simple future)
  1. You (be)  _______________ very happy.
  2. You (get) _______________ a lot of money.
  3. You (buy) _________________  a beautiful house.
  4. Your friends (envy) ________________  you.
  5. You (meet) _________________ a beautiful girl.            

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