Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Past Perfect Tense

Tense : Past Perfect Tense 过去完成式

Formula : -verb to have (had) + past participle (4th column of the verb list)
                   I / You / We / They/ He / She / It had
                  Ex: had forgotten
                        had bought

Usage :  -An action which has happened/ completed in the past


Examples : a) -I had already eaten pizza.

                    b) -When I reached the railway station, the train had left.

Keywords : -already

Exercise :
Complete the sentences in Past Perfect Simple (positive).

  1. I lost the key that he(give) ______________ to me.
  2. She told me that she(see) _______________ a ghost.
  3. I went downstairs because I(hear) _________________ a noise.
  4. When they came home, Sue(cook) ________________ dinner already.
  5. We could not send you a postcard because we(forget) ______________ our address book.   

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