Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Future Progressive Tense

Tense : Future Progressive Tense 未来进行式

Formula :  I / You / We / They/ He / She / It will be + present participle
                  Ex: will be cleaning
                        will be buying

Usage :

a) - An action which is going to happen at an exact time in the future (predicted or planned)
   在未来的某一时刻正在发生的事、正在持续进行的一个动作 (预测或已计划的)
b) -A future plan 未来的计划

Examples :
a) -I will be eating pizza at 7pm.

b) Victor and Juliet will be going to Australia next autumn.

Exercise :
Put the verbs into the correct form (future I progressive).

  1. At midnight we(sleep) will be sleeping.
  2. This time next week we(sit) _________________ at the beach.
  3. At nine I(watch) ___________________ the news.
  4. Tonight we(cram up) ___________________ for our English test.
  5. They(dance) _______________________ all night.
  6. He(not / play) ______________________ all afternoon.

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