Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Present Perfect Progressive Tense

Tense : Present Perfect Progressive Tense 现在完成进行式

Formula : verb to have + been + present participle
                  Ex: have/ has been doing
                        have/ has been writing

Usage :

-An action which has been happening for a period of time and still continues happening

Examples :
a) -I have been eating pizza since 3 o’clock.

b)-He has been listening to music for five hours.

Keywords : -since

Exercise :
Put in the verbs in the Present Perfect Progressive and form negative sentences.
Example: Stella _________________ tennis for half an hour now. (not/to play)

Answer: Stella has not been playing tennis for half an hour now. or Stella hasn't been playing tennis for half an hour now.

1) Carl _____________________ to the teacher for the last ten minutes. (not/to listen)
2) The students _____________________ to learn the new words. (not/to try)
3) Kim __________________________ crossword puzzles. (not/to do)
4) The teachers _________________________ in the sun. (not/to lie)
5) I _____________________________ in the last lesson. (not/to sleep)


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